Brady Bunte Charity


  Stars and Stripes is a charitable organization


Brady Bunte has been an active member of the Stars and Stripes charitable organization founded by Dick Gebhardt since 2008.  Stars and Stripes have grown from the simple idea of helping children, to one of the most significant and innovative charitable organizations in southern California, has raised $30 million dollars for youth charities in its eighteen-year history.  It works with multiple youth-based foundations, specifically with Big Brothers and Sisters of Orange County and Orangewood Children’s Foundation of California, both of whom Mr. Bunte is an active member and mentor.


Brady Bunte participates with the Stars and Stripes yearly fundraiser, which includes a weeklong fishing tournament in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.  This fundraiser has set records for monies raised to benefit children’s charities.  Many of the donors are residents of California, like Mr. Bunte, who regularly visit Cabo San Lucas, due to its close proximity.  These donors are a group of people who have remained committed to helping children who are far less fortunate than our own, offering emotional and financial support.



Big Brothers and Sisters of Orange County, California.


Brady Bunte has been an active member, supporter, and mentor for the Big Brothers and Sisters of Orange County, California.  Brady Bunte first learned of the organization through the outreach programs of his church, Coast Hills Community Church and was moved by the services that were afforded to the children of single parents who were growing up in poverty and/or coping with no parental involvement in their life.  Mr. Bunte has been a mentor for several children, attending sporting events and tutoring them with their homework.



                           Athletes First Classic Gala & Golf Event


Brady Bunte joins superstar athletes, top celebrities, business and community leaders for this annual 2day fundraising even at the beautiful St. Regis Resort at Monarch Beach to raise money for the abused children served by Orangewood. The gala is an evening of celebration, fine dining, entertainment, and the area’s finest live and silent auctions featuring one-of-a-kind athlete experiences and exciting vacation packages.



Hurricane Odile in Cabo San Lucas, 2014

In 2014, Hurricane Odile struck Cabo San Lucas.  The combination of heavy rainfall and storm surge associated with Odile’s initial development off the southern coast of Mexico led to major coastal damage across southwestern Mexico.  The bulk of the storm struck the Baja California Peninsula, where damages amounted to in excess of $30 billion. Power outages lasting two weeks were spurred by Odile’s intense winds and rain that cut electricity to 92%. Severe flooding also occurred, causing rivers to swell and the mass evacuation of people out of the areas. Odile led to the deaths of 15 people during its nine-day existence. wrote: “Hurricane Odile goes into the record books as the strongest tropical cyclone on record in modern recordkeeping on Mexico’s Baja California peninsula.”


Neighbors, community members, and employees who serviced the vacation homes and hotels in the area were utterly devastated.  Weeks passed without power, food or fresh water.


Brady Bunte quickly established online fundraising sites to help local families of Cabo San Lucas for those whose homes had been badly damaged and/or destroyed and others in need of financial help. Brady Bunte’s house in Cabo San Lucas was itself severely damaged but he still provided a small adjacent guest room which survived in part so that a local family had a roof over their head and allowed a family to move there living rent-free for months while their home was reconstructed